The state of the art design of the TRIBOTOUCH instrument with the electronically controlled motion of the piston (artificial finger) allows many useful mechanical and chemical options.

Developer Menu

In order to reproduce some human activities and motion sequences, it is necessary to adjust speeds and test sequences.

The developer menu allows free adjustment of the parameters speed, distance and pauses.

Mounting plate

The mounting plate, including clamping claws and spacer screws, allows the clamping of different geometries. The mounting plate is screwed onto the X/Y/Z linear stages instead of the vice.

Express Inspection Slide

Fast inspection without removing the specimen. Carriage with mounting plate for clamping claws and attachment for vice. The Express inspection carriage is screwed directly onto the X/Y/Z linear stages.

Nail-Scratch and Shoe Sole Test (Automotive)

Simulates scratching by the fingernails (automotive). A PMMA disc is pulled over the surface at a speed of 200 mm/s.

Simulates scratching by shoe soles (automotive). A leather disc is pulled over the surface at a speed of 700 mm/s or 1500 mm/s.

Fingernail scratch test

The fingernail scratch test simulates the impact of the fingernail on the surface. The test can be performed as a scratch test (see picture) or as a crease test (turned 45°).
In combination with the developer menu, the parameters can be simulated with real conditions.

Cleaning sponge test

Simulates cleaning with the kitchen sponge. The test can be performed with the cleaning sponge or with the abrasive side.

Soiling behaviour

This test shows the soiling behaviour of surfaces. In the same test the cleaning behaviour can also be tested.
A defined soiling textile is used to test the soiling behaviour.

Additional weights

The load (degree of sharpness) of the test object is adjusted with weights. The scope of delivery includes 1N, 5N and 10N. The additional weights are available individually or as a set up to 30N.

Standard textile / friction fabric

Standard test fabric in premium quality according to DIN EN 60068-2-70, IEC 68-2-70, ISO 12947-1.

Material: Wool
Warp: (175 ± 10) threads/dm
Weft: (135 ± 8) threads/dm
Weight per area: ≥ 195 g/m²

Chemical options

In cooperation with a manufacturer of high quality synthetic test liquids we can supply a wide range of chemical substances:
artificial sweat according to DIN 53160-2
artificial sweat according to DIN ISO 9022-12
artificial sweat according to DIN EN 60068-2-70
artificial sweat according to company standards (BMW, VW, Daimler)

Temperature Test

The TRIBOTOUCH-Clime is designed for the temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The test unit is very compact and fits into most standard climatic chambers.